When choosing the name Garum we are returning to the origins. Classic cuisine with tradition, but without giving up on haute cuisine. Garum is a Mediterranean cuisine that enhances the local products.


Garum is a romaine fermented sauce made of fish with brine and spices. The Balearic Islands were the most important Garum producer in the Roman Empire; these islands are where the Chef Vicente Torres comes from.

“Vicente Torres’s cuisine is based on in the taste and the respect for the product, which is the main character in Garum.”



Vicente Torres, Michelin Star winner for the Valencian restaurant “La Sucursal”, located in the Valencian Modern Art Institute. Since his arrival to Mexico, he has been worthy of different awards, such as Best Millesime Chef 2011, Best Chef by Distinción Bohemia, Best Chef by Donde Ir and Chilango Magazines, among others.